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We strive at a minimum to meet our client’s service expectations; our goal is to exceed them. Our reputation for service is second to none, we offer our clients comprehensive service 24 x 7 x 365.

Triple M Metal provides a vast array of scrap management services to our clients. Our continuous investment in equipment and technology ensure we are able to provide our clients with the services required to meet their needs.

Triple M Metal's truck fleet is one of the largest in North America; this ensures reliable service to our clients and customer satisfaction by being on time, every time. Our transportation division includes an exchange program for roll-offs and lugger containers in various sizes to meet the needs of our clients. Trailer services include Dump Trailer, Tin Scow, Flat and Walking Floor. We also supply in plant handling equipment to capture scrap from source to removal. Our company trucks have been equipped with state-of-the-art GPS system which provides dispatch the opportunity to monitor customer service instantly. Additionally on site and on line video camera equipment at Industrial generators allows prompt and efficient scrap removal service to our clients.

We also provide complete scrap management services to Industrial scrap generators in the Automotive sector, Steel manufacturing and Construction industries including scrap handling layout and plant design.

Through our integrated yards strategically located throughout North America we are able to collect Dealer and Industrial scrap regionally process any type of scrap at the lowest cost for our consumers.

By processing scrap through our shredders and balers we are able to size raw material feed for economic and timely delivery to our customers. Rail siding services at all our yards facilitate the movement of hundreds of gondolas per month.