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Sell My Scrap


We’re here to help! Why toss your household metals when you can scrap them for money? From cars and electronics to major appliances like washers and dryers, it’s an easy and convenient way to eliminate clutter. No item is too small – even your pots and pans can be recycled and reused.

Find out what you can sell and how much you can earn!

Building relationships one fair price at a time. We combine fair market values with exceptional customer service and leading edge equipment to deliver maximum value and mutually rewarding partnerships.

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We’ll never shut you down! Spanning three countries, we bring over 40 years of reputable and reliable business success as one of North America’s leading metal recycling and processing companies. Our continued dedication to seeking innovative, customized solutions enables us to promise the highest level of operational efficiencies and maximized value.

We are all about service!