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TMM Difference

Triple M Metal knows that generating scrap metal is not your primary business, but that managing it will impact your bottom line.


We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. With our expansive range of capabilities, Triple M offers customized solutions that provide the value you need and the quality you deserve.

By partnering with Triple M, you receive the personalized service of local account management with an influential North American reach. We promise value in all areas including equipment and logistics by providing long-term sustainable solutions.

Whether the demands of your business require on-site or off-site assistance, container and truck services or equipment and handling, Triple M industrial solutions include:

  • Custom and standard self-dumping hoppers, trailers, roll off and lugger containers
  • Visual Management for Multiple Grades – colour coding collection equipment streamlines the segregation process and maximizes revenue
  • On-site personnel to manage the segregation and logistics of scrap generation
  • Scales and cameras for monitoring and weight verification (provided through Triple M partnerships)
  • Around the clock, 24/7 dispatch means you never risk a production shut down
  • Customized assessments of capital equipment
  • Scheduled plant walk-throughs to identify efficiencies in your collection process
  • Revenue optimization via monthly or quarterly volume and grade report analysis
  • Installation and financing of additional CapEx such as scales, bins and camera systems
  • Customized single or unified multi- plant scrap programs with P&L financial reporting providing transparency to point of scrap generation
  • A private fleet of trucks and rail cars service any in plant or offsite scrap removal
  • Real time truck and bin tracking for accurate ETAs of delivery and removal equipment

Find out how Triple M’s customized solutions can work for you. Use our Find My Rep form to get started.