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Recycling Supply Chain Essential to Vital Industries

By on in Company News

Dear Valued Customers,

On March 23, 2020, the province of Ontario published a listing of businesses which the province deems to be “essential businesses”. The full listing may be found here:

Accordingly, we are taking the position that our business is considered essential and we will, until further notice, continue to operate and to provide you with a high level of customer service in as safe and efficient manner as is possible.

The Covid-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly and the safety of our workers, their families and our communities is of paramount importance to us at Triple M Metal and all involved. We are mindful of the increased risk during this uncertain time and continue to respond to our government’s increased warnings about protection for individuals and the community.

Limiting the spread of the virus is critical as we perform our responsibility to support the safety of our country. All employees have been directed to restrict movements and interactions to essential, work related activities. We are committed to continuing to taking appropriate measures, in accordance with Health Canada’s recommendations, to minimize this risk including, but not limited to:

  • Continuing education of employees on best practices suggested by the WHO (World Health Organization), Health Canada and Telehealth Ontario and the implementation of safe guards to keep people healthy and safe.
  • Reducing and, where possible, eliminating instances where employees need to work within six feet of each other. Typically, our equipment is large enough to have an operator on the “entry” and “exit” end, separated by a significant distance of much greater than six feet. Other single-operator equipment is spaced where operators are again not within six feet of each other.
  • Declaring it a presumption that all employees whose work can be done remotely will do so.
  • Staggering start/stop times to provide better isolation between crews.
  • Minimized hours of operation, Sunday now closed.
  • Suspending all in-person meetings and replacing these with alternatives such as teleconferencing or use of Microsoft Teams.
  • Severely limiting vendor access, other than those vendors that are absolutely critical to continued operations.
  • Restricting access and interaction with truck drivers for deliveries and shipments.
  • Severely limiting the interfacing between truck drivers and security and shipping departments.
  • Educating employees and, pursuant to Health Canada’s guidelines, directing them to stay home if they are exhibiting symptoms.
  • Enhancing janitorial services including frequency with a focus on disinfecting touch surfaces and periodic deep cleaning.
  • A daily HR call-in for all front line HR leaders communicating the latest information concerning our employees and latest developments concerning the Virus.

We continue to explore all possible solutions for safety while maintaining crucial materials & supplies to our valued customers.

Thank you for your concern and support, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

With great appreciation,

Oscar Moniz

President, Triple M Metal